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Jazz del Sur

Jazz from the South - Original Jazz composition, a mixture of modern Jazz and traditional folk music from South America and Southern Europe. The project was presented by a recording in 2015 in Spain, featuring world famous musicians such as Jeff Ballard, Gary Willis (Tribal Tech), Gergo Borlai and Perico Sambeat. 

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Symbiosis Strings

Marrying the sounds of strikingly different cultures from the opposite sides of the planet, classical violin and jazz guitar, Orlando Bonzi and his wife Yanice Tsang Bonzi have been delivering an unique strings music project since they met each other, to touch many beautiful souls in different continents. Being innovative with a strong tradition, the group performs in both acoustic and electric settings, musical influences include Jazz, latin, Brazilian, blues, R&B, pop, world music, Jazz-rock fusion etc.
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Mano de Gato

The Latin funk project features Orlando Bonzi as a singing guitarist ,original songs in the Jazz-rock context with various exotic Latin rhythms and flavors. 
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